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~ Down Syndrome ~

The Safe, Effective, and Non-Invasive Production of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells from Down Syndrome Patients- NEW!
Trisomy correction in Down syndrome induced pluripotent stem cells.
Down Syndrome (PDF)
Trisomy 21
Down Syndrome
Down Syndrome - Fetal Precusor Cell Transplantation Treatment of Down Syndrome, and Other Genetic and Chromosomal Diseases, and Serious Diseases of Childhood such as Autism, by BCRO Fetal Precursor Cell Transplantation.
Extra chromosome 21 removed from Down syndrome cell line
Scientists Turn Off Down Syndrome's Extra Chromosome In New Experiments: A Leap Forward In Genetic Research
Down Syndrome Queries:
Down syndrome is a genetic disorder that causes lifelong mental retardation. The following is a series of questions concerning stem cells and DS.

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