~ Christopher Duma, MD, FACS
Hippocampal Results on Alzheimers Patient 2013 to 2015

Patient had his first SPF Injection on 11/13/2014. I believe he has had a total of 5 so far. His specialist neurologist Dr. Schenkel ordered a new volumetric analysis of his hippocampal volume. The results are below. He went from being worse than the lowest 5th percentile in hippocampus volume (Severe Alzheimer's degeneration) to the 28th percentile of hippocampal volume (mild Alzheimer's degeneration). He is now within one standard deviation From the norm whereas before He was outside the second standard deviation from the normal volume. This is truly fantastic so far. Dr. Schenkel also repeated his cognitive testing battery and interestingly he is exactly unchanged from 1-1/2 years ago. The average Alzheimer's patient at this point is severely worse. Below are two photographs showing the increased hippocampal volume. 10.56 units of volume from 2013 and 11.54 units from 2015.

Clinically I saw him as well. His recall, short-term memory, to my testing is completely normal. He is back out on the golf course on a regular basis. This is truly outstanding. The only change in his medical, pharmaceutical management has been stem cells.

Christopher Duma, MD, FACS Medical Director, Brain Tumor Program, Hoag Hospital Newport Beach, CA Founder, CEO, Foundation for Neuroscience, Stroke, and Recovery Founder, Chairman of the Board, DatCard Systems, Inc.


Visual inspection of the color-coded volumetric maps demonsrates small areas of potential hippocampal undersampling on both sides.
Hippocampal volume is 7.33 cc, very small in size compared to age matched controls (less than 5th percentile). Inferior lateral ventricle volume is 8.27 cc, very large in size compared to age matched controls (greater than 95th percentile).

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