Frequently Asked Questions

We are slowly building answers to frequently asked questions, but if you have a question that is not listed here please use the "Ask Dr. See" link to submit a question of your own.

Q. How do I get on a list for treatment?
A. We have accumulated emails from those people who have asked questions in the past and have asked how to get on a waiting list. Follow the link \"Ask Dr. See \" and fill out the form with your query.
Q. How much will the treatment cost?
A. We cannot say for sure what the costs will be, but they will be far less than the present European costs, which at present range from $50,000 to $150,000. Sadly at present this is a rich persons treatment, but we will persevere and get the treatments to the masses right here in the United States at a reasonable cost.
Q. When will treatment centers in Nevada be available?
A. That is a very good questions. We are in continuous meetings with the regulatory people in Nevada, the Governor, Medical boards etc. At this time it is looking very, very good. Next is another milestone to be reached, exactly how to meet regulations regarding processing the cells from out of the country just before giving to the patient. The Regulatory group is writing protocols for approval that we will submit within a week or so, this is real progress as they have yet to say no to our project.
Q. Do you use other peoples stem cells?
A. We do not.
Q. Do you have to be on anti-rejection drugs?
A. We do not use other peoples stem cells and as such do not use anti-rejection drugs. In fact, stem cells are a treatment in Europe for rejection. We found out 30 years ago that islet cell transplants did not work. In summary, we are using cells and adjuvants that have been tested extensively in Europe and approved there, with thousands of up to thirty years of follow up. Difficult to explain why the current climate for new things, most especially medicine, are opposed by so much misinformation.

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