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~ June 10, 2016 6:32 p.m. ~
How the Media Botched the Gordie Howe Stem-Cell Story, By Jesse Singal

Howe had another nick name in the making besides “Mr. Hockey", it was "Mr. Stem Cell”.

In October of 2014, Howe had a debilitating stroke. Two months later, he was rushed to the hospital for what was probably dehydration. In the wake of the two medical emergencies, as his family tells it, Howe was at death’s door. Then, hope came out of nowhere. As Reeves Wiedeman reported in a thorough New York Magazine feature about Howe’s medical problems, the family “received a call from Dave McGuigan, the marketing chief at Stemedica, the stem-cell manufacturer. McGuigan had once worked for the Red Wings and told the Howes about an experimental treatment Stemedica thought could save their father: the injection of up to 100 million neural stem cells into his spinal column, in the hope that they would migrate to his brain and help his body repair itself. Howe could improve within 24 hours, Stemedica said, and receive the treatment anytime — just not in the United States. The procedure wasn’t FDA-approved, and Howe would have to go to a clinic in Tijuana.”.


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