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"Matthew Wright"

June 27th, 2009 started like any summer day for Matthew Wright. He floated the river; celebrating a friends birthday. After breaking up a fight between a guy and girl he did not know, Matt was savagely attacked with a club by the boyfriend. Matthews cerebellum and brainstem were damaged in the attack. Two brain surgeries and two months later, Matthew woke from his coma, but found himself locked in a body that no longer worked.

Imagine not being able to breathe without help, not being able to talk, eat, or move, and having to communicate only by blinking. Now imagine all of that combined with being intellectually "all there" still remembering everything with the same intellect and personality you had before the day you were hurt.

Well that young man insists he will get his life back.

After watching the video below, you decide... will he? We think so... we KNOW so.

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